Mystic Order – Reiki Level 3A – 21 Day Cleanse – A Miracle Has Happened!

During the last few days of this recent 21 Day Reiki Cleanse, some very difficult truths surfaced.

With this Attunement – there was no getting away from myself. This level of Reiki – Master Level/Advanced Practitioner is living Reiki.  I now have this intense desire to practice Reiki every day – practice distance healing on a weekly basis – I pray with Reiki – using the Reiki Symbols on problems and situations.  I was praying really hard on one specific issue in my life – using the Reiki Symbols on that area which was causing great pain – and now that issue is gone.


A miracle has happened.

As a result of this miracle – I’ve come to see and understand that a love affair with myself has to start first. Authentic self-love where I make decisions everyday that better my life – not numb like I once did because of unhappiness and hurts I was unwilling to face.

I release and calm with exercise. I release, calm and tap inward with daily self-Reiki treatments.  I pray everyday using the Reiki Symbols to help heal difficult situations happening in my life at this time.  I no longer betray myself by not listening to that Observer Self in me – my true self.  That true self that I once numbed out/tuned out with unhealthy habits that caused great pain.

My entire life has been changed – upside down – right-side up – to bring me into my spiritual path. Not onto – into, my spiritual path. I can’t even begin to explain!

There are still challenges in my life – but with this one miracle – everything is aligning before me. For this moment, I can see clearly!!!!!!

I still pray every day with Reiki about this specific issue that the miracle happened with – because my prayers are to maintain the miracle!! To allow me to keep seeing clearly – and love myself first!!

There is power in prayer, and no matter how you pray – as Caroline Myss says – live fearlessly and pray like you’re crazy!

With an overflowing heart and a true belief in miracles,

Stephanie, ❤

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  1. mama says:

    There is power in prayer… matter how you pray – as Caroline Myss says – live fearlessly and pray like you’re crazy! So very true and i am so very proud of you … xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love you mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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