Back to Daily Life in Qatar!

After 2 months of extensive travel during summer vacation – with a total of 19 flights taken – it was time to settle back into regular life, here in Doha!

First it was time for Pooh Bear to go to the groomer!  She was cared for while we were away during summer break by a very trusted Sri Lankan man who works for us and others on the compound doing odd jobs such as housework, washing the cars, pressure washing the villa yard, cleaning windows, etc…

He stayed in our villa to care for our pets – Pooh Bear and Bob, the cat – as well as water the plants and keep the villa clean!

Pooh Bear’s Spa Visit

Here is Pooh Bear after her visit from the groomers!  She’s pretty cute!!!


Stephanie Spa Visit

Then it was time for me to get cleaned up – and get my hair done!!!  Thanks Monika at Glow Salon – best hairstylist EVER – and a great friend!!!!!!!


Doha Festival City Mall

And then some shopping….here is the car you can win in a shopping raffle draw if you spend a total of 70 dollars Canadian at Festival City Mall!!!  An orange Lamborghini!!

Feast of the Sacrifice

Soon, Eid Al-Adha started – this is the Feast of the Sacrifice.  One morning driving to work – I see these sheep on the back of a truck – and I know their purpose is to be sacrificed.  My North American heart had a difficult time looking at that truck – and every time I tried to drive around it to get away from it – it somehow appeared in front of me again!!

Just another day of summer heat!


Doha Festival City Mall

Back at Festival City Mall, this time there are two Lotus cars on display!  I’m not sure if these are cars to be won in another shopping raffle draw?  But, here they are!

Al Wahda Arches

I had to go to the Canadian Embassy in the Tornado Tower building in downtown Doha – called West Bay or Al Dafna. There is a new archway over the newly constructed roads into downtown – this is looking up at the arch at the set of stoplights beneath it.


Tornado Tower – yup – it looks like a flower vase!


Inside the Tower there is a donut shop called Dum Dum!


Tornado Tower Art

Canadian Embassy

And the Canadian Embassy on the 30th floor!  When you walk off the elevator – the flags and polar bear are the first thing you see!!

It’s great to be back home!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    Pooh Bear looks cooler and you did get a great haircut. Hope all goes well at the Canadian Embassy on the 30th floor … Gulp. I get warm just looking at the heat gage 🙂 have a fun day.xo

    1. Thanks mama!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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