Windsor, Nova Scotia – Welcome to Farm Land – Part II

Liz and I are both kayakers, and were sea kayak guides together at East Coast Outfitters.

Liz was in my wedding party, and her gift to Michael and I were all the flowers for our wedding including bouquets, boutonnières, and the flowers that decorated the reception hall!  Michael and I were so grateful – little shout out picture below to Liz and her flowers!!  <3 <3 <3

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife!

After our visit to her partner Sam’s cow farm, we went to see her horses! It was a very hot day – too hot to ride – but Liz let me ride Sooty for a bit because she knew how much I wanted to.  We didn’t stay out for too long because again, it was just so hot!  Liz has four horses now and one pony.  Her horses are Connemara & Quarter Horse mix – making them athletic with a relaxed temperament. All her horses are from the same family.  The black horse is Sooty, Winnie is the grey, Portia is the bay, and Chatsby is the chestnut.  Elphin is her unicorn pony!!!

Liz is a happy hacker now, but in her youth she was a champion equestrian rider – traveling the world in competition!  Her once riding coach and now friend is internationally renowned equestrian couch, Jen Marsden Hamilton.  Liz’s passion are horses as well as travel and photography!  Her latest adventure was traveling to New Zealand with Jen Marsden Hamilton to launch her new book, A Jump Ahead, as well as be Jen’s photographer during her privately booked training clinics. Liz is an independent graphic designer, Liz Hardy Designs –  who designed Jen’s book, A Jump Ahead!

Here are a few pictures from Liz’s trip!

Now it was time for some food! We drove into the small town of Windsor to the local British pub The Spitfire Arms Alehouse.  Conversation, food and local wine – all awesome!  I had mussels in an AMAZING curry sauce, then crab cakes!!

After a full day, it was time to head back into the city with a promise to return with  Michael and our grandchildren to see the cows and horses!!

S, xo

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