Windsor, Nova Scotia – Agritourism Day With Our Grandkids!

Michael and I, with our grandchildren returned to Windsor to visit Liz. This time, Liz stepped into the role as our agritourism tour guide of 3 farms – her horse farm, her partner’s cow farm and then an actual agritourism farm with exotic animals farmed for meat as well as the only halal and kosher farm in Nova Scotia.

First visit was Liz’s horses!  Elphin, Liz’s unicorn pony was an instant success!!!

Sooty, Liz’s black Connemara & Quarter Horse mix was up for some rides!

Next stop was Sam’s cow farm!  Here, Liz explained that these cows are not pets – they are cows farmed for meat – meaning the steak on your plate comes from cows just like these ones.

Final stop was truly interesting as it is an actual agritourism farm with exotic animals for meat.  Zebras being one of those meats. There were lemurs, many exotic birds and weird little rabbit/rodent looking animals from Argentina!

Thank you Liz for such a fun day with our grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They loved it and so did we!!!!

Stephanie & Michael, xo

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  1. I believe it’s important for children to be around nature. Glad they enjoyed the day 🙂

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    1. Thank you!!!!! I totally agree!!! :)))))

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