Halifax, Nova Scotia – An Afternoon At The Casino!

Today was adventure day with The Golden Girls (aka – my mom and my Aunt Carol Ann) with the Romancing the Stone Couple (aka – Michael and I)!

My mom and Aunt Carol Ann wanted to go to the Halifax Casino!

The day started with my forgetting that we were suppose to meet OUTSIDE of the main entrance of the casino – so for an hour my mom and Aunt Carol Ann sat outside on a bench while Michael and I wandered within the main entrance looking for each other!


Once inside, I snuck pictures of the casino.  The casino is run by the government – so it is outdated and not so glitzy!

Mom and Aunt Carol Ann were excited to try the machines, but had no idea what to do! Aunt Carol Ann looks shell shocked as mom tries to figure out how the machines work!


We first had lunch at the restaurant in the casino – the service and food so bad – it’s not worth the mention.  In my opinion, the restaurant is basically a low grade get ’em in and get ’em out to go back on the machines fueling station for gamblers!

Now it was time for mom and Aunt Carol Ann to try the machines! Mom had one of the machine attendants come over and explain how to play.  Michael with his mathematical mind was able to quickly take the instructions given to help mom and Aunt Carol Ann play.


Aunt Carol Ann didn’t fare as well as mom – mom won 7 dollars – and cashed out while she was ahead – sharing her winnings with her sister-in-law!!!


We then made our way out to have a walk along the waterfront!

It was probably one of the hottest days this summer in Halifax – so we didn’t walk far!

We still enjoyed the view with some laughter!  The Golden Girls enjoying their outing with the Romancing the Stone Couple!!!

S, xo

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  1. mom says:

    The Casino is marked off The Golden Girls bucket list!!! It was a fun experience and glad we came out with or initial investment plus a $1.00 to the good.

  2. mama says:

    Fun day, left with our initial donation to the casino 🙂 … and a $1.00 each to spare. Off our bucket list 🙂

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