Wolfville, Nova Scotia – Luckett Vineyards

This was a girlfriend day!!!!  Johanna and I have been friends for many years.  We first met when I was hired to manage one of her family’s pizza shops – Pizza Girls on Mumford Road. I loved that job!  Pizza, garlic fingers and donairs were made from scratch!!!  Johanna and her sister Maria and I would cook together and laugh together!  Great times!!!!

Johanna and I went for lunch to Luckett Vineyards in Wolfville.



Our lunch started with a bottle of wine – Phone Box White with mussels and a charcuterie board. The appetizers were nothing to rave about – the mussels were small, the broth watery – the charcuterie plate just ok.  The wine was delicious!!

Next was another bottle of Phone Box White…..and Chicken Pot Pie with Kale Caesar Salad!  This was delicious!

I enjoyed a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert!

We asked our AMAZING server Bree for a surprise to end our lunch!  Bree brought us each a glass of Rosetta!

Okay….so two friends who haven’t seen each other in two years….with two bottles of wine that somehow just evaporated then some rosé wine…..leads to some fun!

First was with the statue of Artemis next to our table tucked in the corner behind her! We took a few moments to visit between mains and dessert!

With two years and catching up mixed with wine comes LOTS of laughter…..seems this little dude at a table next to us had just woken up from a nap (his mom explained) and didn’t appreciate the loud, laughing ladies at the table next to him!

Yup!! I was given that “Do You Mind???” look for about 20 minutes…..then finally this…..


Yayyyyy!!!!  He finally joined in our laugher!!!

Johanna surprised me with a gift of returning my wedding vows to me!  I had given them to her to hold onto during my wedding day (Johanna was in my wedding party!!).

Johanna had that social smoker when drinking cigarette craving but was without any….and with a bit of investigative luck…..we found one a cigarette from one of the servers!

Okay….so now us two girls are off to walk through the vineyards!

It was steamy hot!!!!!!  So, why not go stand over the water sprinkler to cool off?


Love you Johanna!!!!  A day to remember!!!!  🙂

S, xo

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  1. Brett says:

    Luckett is a lovely place!

    1. The Valley area – I guess the proper name is the Gaspereau Valley – is SO AMAZING!!!!! 🙂

      1. Brett says:

        Gaspereau Valley and the Annapolis Valley. It’s a gorgeous area, for sure! 🙂

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