Spiritual Discipline – Reiki – My Struggle to Stay on a Spiritual Path

I was very excited for the first of two Reiki treatments with my Reiki Master here in Halifax.

Living in Qatar feels so very far away from the healing energy of Halifax.  Yet, in Doha, I have my Reiki room in our villa, I swap Reiki treatments almost weekly with another Reiki Practitioner who lives in the same compound as I do, there are a couple of yoga studios offering yoga teacher training and a Mindfulness Community in the city, offering Mindfulness Courses.

But I feel so uninspired to move forward into a deeper consciousness life in Qatar.

This will be tricky to try to explain.

The pull of the familiar is so strong living in an unfamiliar part of the world, in a country so different from Canada.  Do I make choices to feel safe and familiar or new and unfamiliar?  Yet, with so much unfamiliar when I arrived in Qatar, it was very difficult to pull away from familiar habits; even more difficult was the familiar habits were difficult to maintain because the familiar was not as easily available in a Muslim country as it was back in Canada.  Confused?  I sure was!!

When in Halifax, I feel inspired, motivated to walk forward each day into a deeper awareness, deeper consciousness of living because there are many here who also do the same.  Deeper, spiritual, soulful living is part of the Halifax collective consciousness – there is a sizable Buddhist community here (Buddhist meditation master Chogyam Trungpa moved to Halifax), many yoga studios with yoga teacher programs, a variety of massage, acupuncture and reflexology schools and clinics, and many other alternative therapies offered such as Rolfing, Craniolsacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Ear Candling, etc…

Light /EnergyWorkers such as Reiki practitioners, Healing Touch practitioners and Therapeutic Touch practitioners are also abundant!  Halifax is teeming with healing energy!!!

Qatar….not so much.  The energy is Islamic.  Very different from Halifax.

So…….I presented this struggle to my Reiki Master.

Her answer was now I have to bring the world to me – to step into the worldwide matrix of those raising the collective consciousness.  To listen to teachers on podcasts such as Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, read, learn and take courses in areas like CLI – Show the Hell Up, Body Talk, Body Access, or Mindscape.  To make the familiar (but up until now neglected) tools in my ‘spiritual growth toolbox’ of Reiki self-treatments, practice of Reiki distance healing, and daily meditation part of my daily life.

Why did I ignore these familiar self-care tools? I wasn’t inspired to do so because I was missing/lacking the motivational healing energy of Halifax to keep me on track – I felt lost in the energy of an Islamic land I did not understand.

So, the shift is I must inspire and motivate myself by tapping into the matrix in other places around the world to keep me on track to practice my spiritual tools each day to keep me connected to the healing collective consciousness of the world.

ps…..it’s not that living in an Islamic country isn’t healing – it’s just not a kind of healing I understand – a small example would be that names like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer are not a part of everyday life….. Mohammed is….

This Monday I take my Reiki Level 3a.  This will bring me back online, so to speak……but as my Reiki Masters said, I’m showing up and already online….just moving deeper along my path…….

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    So happy you are continuing to move deeper into your energy path in Reiki Level 3a. By practicing your spiritual tools each day to keep connected to the healing collective consciousness of the world should make Doha, an expat community a fun challenge. You can do it!!! 😍💞💜

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