Halifax, Nova Scotia – Back Home!

I’m back in the ‘Fax and absolutely jet lagged!  So far, my total ride in airplanes this summer is up to 16 and I’ve been in four different time zones in a little over a month! My circadian rhythms are totally out of wack!  Add menopause onto that and OH BOY!!!

So, here I am wide awake since 2:30am!  I’m doing laundry with a side of mood swings! Just kidding – no mood swings – only laundry!

It’s great to be home in Halifax!  This is more time with family and friends, as well as eating food indigenous to this awesome province: moon mist ice-cream and donair pizza – no onions, extra tomatoes with lots of extra donair sauce for dipping!!!

Wanna know a secret…..I lived in Halifax for over 20 years and not once had I been inside Citadel Hill!!  This is on my to-do list as well as kayaking!!!

Michael’s wonderful daughter, Patrica and her children (our grandchildren!) picked us up at the airport! Back at their home, it was time for lots of show and tell, wacky hair styles, reading stories and general fun all around!!



It’s great to be back in the ‘Fax!!!

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    So nice to have you both back home.🎉 You must be jet legged doing laundry at 2:30am 😳😳💤 . Nice to see the girl’s having fun, lots of smiles 😃 and wacky hair styles. xoxoxo

  2. Tish Millette says:

    Happy you are home now. Time for quality kayak and family time. ♥️

  3. Dana says:

    Great pics!!! I’m sure it feels awesome to be back home. Enjoy!! 🚣🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🏖💞

  4. Wow, 16 flights?!! No wonder you are feeling a bit out of whack at the moment! Hope it all subsides quickly and you have a wonderful time back home!

    1. Thank you!!!! :))))) Maybe one day you will travel to Nova Scotia!! You’ll HAVE to try moon mist ice cream and a donair (I prefer donair pizza!)!!!! And of course Nova Scotia is known for fresh seafood too – the seafood chowder here is AMAZING!!!!! :))))))))

      1. I will have to add it to the list, if only to try the moon mist ice cream!! That sounds really intriguing, I’ve never heard of it before!! 😀

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