Campbell River, Vancouver Island – Michael’s Coming Home

Michael walked me through his life of 40 some years in Campbell River…….

Along the shore…

His home where he raised his children, on Pinecrest Road. Michael made that sign many years ago that is still there!!

So many eagles….

Michael is co-owner of the Rans Coyote S6 airplane, that has been tucked away in storage while we live overseas.


This is a beautiful yard of a friend of Michael’s, Christine.

Michael’s house, now a rental property while we’re living overseas.

We spent some time staining the back deck and a few other odds and sods in need of repair.

Part of his fun in his barn in the back yard.

McIvor Lake:

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    Michael you have a lovely home. Campbell River Looks like a really nice place to live. You chose well. The many carving are incredible.
    Stephanie…you are going to to learn how to …what???? Oh me nerves ✈︎😳✈︎😳

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