Final Thoughts – Courtenay, Vancouver Island – Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest – FESTIVAL FEET!

Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest had its perks – free access into the festival to watch all the acts. Well, as long as you aren’t volunteering at the time, but you can hear the music if you’re not too absorbed/busy in your volunteering job. Another perk is free camping on site and if your volunteer position offered it, you had access to all the excitement of being backstage!

Beyond all this excitement, being onsite and working the festival also means your feet get dirty!

Very dirty!

Resulting in the inevitable –  Festival Feet.

Festival Feet

This is such a ‘thing’ that British Columbian local musician, Carl L. Ford, who is a regular volunteer at the festival, wrote a song about it; because you can’t help but notice how dirty your feet get!

Here is the song by Carl – Festival Feet The Song.

S, 🇨🇦

My Festival Feet

Michael’s Festival Feet

Volunteer’s Festival Feet

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  1. Haha, this is great, festival feet! Love it! Each picture tells a story 🙂

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