Courtenay, Vancouver Island – Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest – Day 4 – Part I

Today the music starts!  I’m breaking this day into parts – so you can pick what you want to look at – which will probably be the music – so the musicians will get their own blogs!

For those interested in the behind the scenes – Performer Services should be called – Backstage Food Services.  If you want to volunteer at this festival and read the description of Performer Services know that what it says and what you do are very different.  This shift is exactly like craft services on a film set only there isn’t time to talk to crew because you’re either making salad, washing dishes, making coffee, cutting veggies or fruit, boiling corn, or boiling pasta.  It’s all food and cleaning.  Some volunteers get to serve the food prepared – but that is all about keeping the line moving rather than crew coming in to help themselves to food out on tables.

My first shift with Performer Services was 8:00am.  This is leaving the campground.  Michael was surprised that all camping spots weren’t taken!


Walking to the main stage where – behind it is the Performer Services tent.

The Performer Services tent!


The Backstage Beer Garden on its way to ready!

My first shift was fun.  It was the first shift of the festival so it was all prep.

After my shift it was time to walk around and see how the festival was building up to completion!

Food vendors (my favorite!!) setting up!



Michael hard at work doing electrical things!!  So Hawt!!!


Walking to the Woodland Stage:

The Cross Roads Stage:

Supper time for volunteers!

The lineup for supper!


Fun with Michael’s longtime friend, Jerry:


Now for the music!

S, xo

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