Courtenay, Vancouver Island – Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest – Day 3

Today was the last full day of set up.  Tomorrow the music begins!

But first, I have to mention another difference between Courtenay and Halifax  – NO MOSQUITOS OR BLACK FLIES!!!!!!!  WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!  You can sit outside at night and not be eaten alive by bloodsucking insects!!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, back to the day!  Let’s start at the beginning!

That morning I made my way back into town to enjoy breakfast and blog!

As I made my way off Mucisfest grounds, more campers had made their way onto the volunteering campground!


The portable stage as it was the evening before.

In town experience of daisies, bacon benny with tomatoes, caeser salad and side of crispy bacon!

Back on the Musicfest grounds, the portable stage was starting to transform!

Remember I mentioned about how many women have tattoos here?  Well, I finally had the courage to take a picture!  Mind you, this crazy woman didn’t mind at all!  Her name is Jean and her volunteer job at the festival is a schlepper!  Schlepper’s pick people up & drive people all over the grounds!  Each cart is personalized by the driver!


Area of shade for concert goers!

The Electrical Crew!


The Electrical Crew’s Base evolving with decoration!


Chilling out, having fun, walking through volunteering campground and the grounds itself!

I can’t wait for tomorrow – my first volunteering shift and then in the afternoon the music begins!

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    As I write this on Sunday, the Musicfest must be just bopping to the music 🙂 No mosquito’s or black flies … now that is a NS dream! I wonder what Michael is thinking as he inspects the fence…mmmm 🙂 xoxo

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