Courtenay, Vancouver Island – Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest – Day 2

Firstly, I have to say is what I notice in difference between Courtenay and Halifax.

Difference one is how TALL the trees are!  The forests are beautiful!  They feel magical because the trees are so tall!

Next are how tattooed the women are!!!  Wow!!!  Everywhere I go here, women have MANY tattoos!!!  I don’t have a picture of that, yet, because I feel strange taking a picture of a woman I don’t know who has lots tattoos.  But, once I start my volunteering shifts, I will start to befriend others in my crew and I’m quite sure some of the women will have tattoos!!!

As well, there are wood carvings everywhere!

Ok, back to the festival!

Wednesday morning was still sleepy and not many more campers arrived Tuesday evening in the volunteer camping location.


The main stage  – Concert Bowl Stage – area still preparing for the portable, unfolding stage to arrive:


And here it is – later in the day the portable, unfolding stage arrived:


This is the Electrician Base:


Michael spent his day building a platform for the Electrical Crew to watch the concerts on the nearby Concert Bowl Stage!

That morning, I had business to take care that I can only do in Canada, so off to town I walked!

As I made my way off Musicfest grounds here are some of the sights!

This is the carts and radio station.  Reminds me of when I worked in the film industry back in Halifax during on-location filming  – radios, carts, sense of humor and always people running around solving problems or people setting things up!

Construction crew check-in station.  Volunteers are well taken care!  We’re fed, watered, snacked and slowly I feel like I’m becoming part of a family!  My go-to-person for Performer Services welcomed me and hoped I become a festival ‘lifer’!


One if the shuttle cars for taking musicians back and forth from their hotel to the festival!


Now I was on my way into town!

Back on festival grounds, I walked around to see how everything was changing and evolving as it grew into a musical festival!

Walking to the The Woodland Stage and At The Cross Roads Stage.

At The Cross Roads Stage seen below, still at its inception, is where musicians put on workshops that concert goers can attend such as Write A Song with Campbell Woods, A Life In Music – Arlo In Conversation with Peter North, Introduction to Traditional Korean Music and Write A Song With The Royal North!


Back on the main area – misting water is there to cool everyone down!


The Barn Stage now has chairs and lots of tie dye decorations!

The Grierson Stage now has a platform stage!


And I now have my volunteer wrist band that allows backstage access and our volunteering camping wrist band.  Security is very tight at the festival.  No wrist band – no access!


On  a side note – food!  My favorite foods are cheeseburgers, tenderloin or filet mignon  and New York cheesecake.  Oh, and bacon eggs benny!

So to backtrack a bit, I tried my first Smash Burger with sweet pototoe fries at the Toronto Pierson Airport and LOVED IT!  Might have to open one in Doha!  😉

I’ve been blogging at Ricky’s here in Courtenay because the Musicfest does not yet have public wifi.  I had eggs benny with ham, side of crispy bacon and caesar salad.  For dessert an apple crumble.  The food is ok.  Basic restaurant chain good!

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    Wow, what a set-up, lot of work!!! Hope Michael is getting some of that good food you showed us 🙂 .xoxo … Now you have your volunteer wrist band, you must be so exited to get started.Looking very promising under those blue skies… Enjoy 🙂 xoxoxo

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