Courtenay, Vancouver Island – Volunteering at Vancouver Island Musicfest – Day 1

Well, here we are.  I’ll let you read more about Vancouver Island Musicfest by clicking on the link on its name.  My focus is behind the scenes of what it is like to be part of the crew of this musical unity and the actual festival itself!

Michael is an Electrical Volunteer.  He makes sure everyone has power.

I’m Performer Services.  I’m backstage – the main backstage – to make sure the musicians are taken care.  Not as glamorous as it sounds…..part of what I do is cut a lot of vegetables for the performers to snack on!

We arrived on Tuesday evening – two days before the festival starts – with our rented travel trailer, placed in volunteer camping. Our spot is the trailer behind the trailer behind the silver truck.

fullsizeoutput_73d5Our rented home for a week!!

fullsizeoutput_73fbBefore I started to make this trailer our home!

fullsizeoutput_73d2And now we have a home!

Now for the parts of the festival as they start to develop!

This is walking from our trailer, from the volunteer camping site (take note of the space – because this will quickly change!) towards the exit of this location.

fullsizeoutput_73d3This empty for now spot is where I’ll be for my volunteering shifts – the Concert Bowl Stage.  The main stage is brought in and unfolded.  This is preparation for it!

fullsizeoutput_73d6These fifth wheels and campers (next to the main stage) will be where the main attraction performers will stay while on location.

fullsizeoutput_73f9The Barn Stage!  It’s a real barn – for a Therapeutic Riding School!  The horses, I guess get a vacation as they are relocated for the festival!!

The Woodland Stage (not yet fully set up):


The Grierson Community Stage (not yet fully set up):


Volunteer & Performer Kitchen where Michael was earlier that day, wiring!


One of the start of many kiosks that either sell local, cool stuff or food vendors!!!


Walking to the Tsolum River behind our camping location!

Walking around the grounds!!

S, xo

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  1. Dana says:

    Have lots of fun guys!!!! 😘

    1. Thanks Sista!!! xoxo

  2. mama says:

    Your comfy bedroom is in a perfect spot with woods in back. Sounds like an exiting next few days guy’s 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks mama!!! We’re loving it!!! 🙂

  3. It looks like it’s going to be a fun there! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you!!!! I’ll enjoy music while you’re enjoying Wimbledon!!!!! 😀

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