Timmins, Canada – Bouncin’ in the Bearskin!

On the start of our journey to British Columbia, Michael and I flew from Timmins to Sudbury, Sudbury to Toronto.  

From Timmons to Sudbury, we flew with Bearskin Airlines!  I kept calling them Bearclaw!

Bearskin Airlines


The boarding passes are written in English, French and Cree.


In the airport restaurant I bought a butter tart!  This one wasn’t pecan or raisin (I don’t like raisin) it was just butter!  It was lots of innards, not too much crust, very sweet – almost too much – with that brown sugar crunch.

Our flight with Bearskin was in an everyone gets a window seat, Fairchild Metroliner airplane!  This was the smallest airplane I’ve ridden in yet!  I was very excited!  We sat in the first seats where I was able to watch the pilots fly the plane.

Take off:


Smile!!!!  And thank you for the safe journey!!!


View of the plane from the Sudbury Airport restaurant!


S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    🛫Nice to hear from you as you start yet another leg of your summer journey.🛬 Glad all is going well. 😍😘

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