As I sit here in the Toronto Pierson Airport on our way to British Columbia, I’m people watching while sipping a Tim Horton’s coffee and thinking about confidence.

As all of these people of many different cultures walk by, I wonder?

Who has confidence?

Who feels safe within themselves?

Who feels self-assured because of their abilities and qualities?

Who embraces their humanity with all their mistakes, failings, successes and triumphs?

Who feels confident with humility?

Who feels confident but thinks it feels cocky?

Who feels confident when relaxed and grounded but insecure when stressed and tired?

Who feel confident only when they’re engaged in an activity they excel in?

Who is faking it until they make it with a strong, assured posture but full of self-doubt in the meantime?

Who feels good enough …..and just that…. enough?

Just a thought…

S, xo




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  1. mama says:

    People watching was something my dad did as he waited for mom and I as we did out thing.He was patient 🙂 … All the things you listed above are in all of us Stephanie. The difference comes when we have to make a choice, something we do so many times a day and give no thought to. A choice always results in a consequence.It is impossible for us to see into the hearts of others and to understand how their actions relate to their conscience. Dad never judged … he like you just wondered and dad tried to be happy … and he was … just like you are.
    Remember we al have our off days … all of us!!!😍😍😍

    1. Very nice mama! Thank you!! <3 <3 <3

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