Lisbon, Portugal – Oceanario de Lisboa – The Moray Eel

This large eel fascinated me!!!  Again, I felt like this fish could see me through the glass…and was staring at me!

I have two videos of him.  The first is him just there…seeming to be looking at me

The second….here is the story of the second video:

I was SO excited as I managed to capture him on video coming out of his cave – to show how big he is…. then bump into the glass in front of me!! He then turned around to return to his spot!! But in my excitement I forgot to press record!!!!!!!!!!  D’oh!!!!!!!!  I did manage to record when I realized I forgot to record….but the video clip isn’t as interesting as watching him bump into the glass in front of me!!!

S, xo

A smaller moray eel:


The big guy!!



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