Naxos, Greece – Agios Prokopios – An Afternoon Walk

After the beach, it was time to do a bit of exploring.


The winds were particularly strong, with the surf washing right up under beach chairs!




This windsurfer must have been in amazing shape to handle the winds!


The winds were so strong that Michael almost lost his hat!

It was time for lunch!  I ordered a fresh pear juice and ended up with a peach smoothie. Michael had sausages that were not that great – dry and tough.  I had tasty beef kabobs stuffed with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  The menu called it Kabob with Philadelphia! We were given cherry ice cream for dessert – on the house!!  🙂

Sights during our walk:


S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    Great day for a stroll. Nice picture of Michael 😘, love you cool hat … mmm … where have I seen that hat before 😎🐆

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