Mykonos, Greece – Ornos Bay Beach

After The Windmills, Little Venice and walking through the maze of narrow streets lined with shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc… that is the heart of the Chora, we decided it was time to hit the beach!

Buses to and from the Chora to popular beaches are a constant staring early in the morning until the late, late hours of night!  There is a bus station at the entrance of the non-vehicle part of Chora. There, you pick the beach that suits your need – a family beach or a party beach or a chilled out beach – buy your tickets and you’re off!  10-15 minutes later you’re at a beach paradise!



We told the manager of the hotel we stayed at that we wanted a chilled-out beach – she recommended Ornos Bay Beach.   This was a BUSY beach!  Chilled out, we learned meant no loud thumping dance music!!  Chilled out was very nice though!  We sipped wine, relaxed on lounge chairs, read…..


And I swam!!!  The water was chilly!!  To cold for Michael!!!  I managed to get in, swim along the beach and back – but it was cool water for sure!!

After a few hours there, it was time to head back to the village and plan for the evening!

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    I enjoy following you both as you island hop. As I enjoy the blog in it’s entirety I get lost at one island and feeling like the sign pointing in many directions 😳😳…always a few island blogs behind 😘😘.
    Great job and so much for us to see through your lens.👀😳♥️

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