Lisbon, Portugal – 8 Hours!

It’s a bit of a long story, but with all travel plans there is ALWAYS a glitch along the way!! This glitch was Michael and I taking separate flights out of Athens to Toronto. Michael was Athens to Cairo, Cairo to Toronto.  I was Athens to Barcelona, Barcelona to Lisbon, Lisbon to Toronto!!!

Barcelona was a painful 5 hour overnight layover in a cold, empty, dark airport that had benches with elbow rests not allowing for comfortable sleeping…..


Next was the short flight to Lisbon.  I arrived in Lisbon at 8:15am in the morning.  My boarding time for Toronto was 5:15pm.

I had lots of time to explore!

My first stop was the tourist information booth in the airport.  I had researched walking destinations from the airport before landing so I knew of a few places to go.  I asked about these places. They gave me a map – drew the path on it to where I wanted to go, I recorded the time on the map…..and I was off!!!


I started the walk – straight down Avenida de Berlim towards the waterfront.  The air was cool and damp!  Fresh!


What I first noticed were the flowers!!

The cobblestone sidewalks:

Apartment buildings with laundry hanging out to dry:

One apartment had bird cages outside, not laundry!


Villas with tiled roofing:


Not sure what this building was?


Infrastructure and architecture:





Grafitti or street art:


And I had reached my destination!


S, xo

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