Athens, Greece – Last Meal…..Last Day…..Final Thoughts….

We had an early morning flight from Mykonos, back on the mainland….back in Athens to make our way to the airport to start the long trip to Canada to visit family and friends.

So, we had our last Greek meal in Greece!

We found a unique looking restaurant called this (this is the cover of the menu):





We discovered this was a seafood restaurant!

The butter with the fresh bread had a fishy taste!  I didn’t like it!!!


I had:

Michael had:

The food was very tasty!!!! We were given a free dessert of yogurt with grape compote!  It was DELICIOUS!!  I had a Greek coffee.



Final thoughts before leaving Greece:

I was asked by fellow blogger, Spoon You Fork Me what was the difference between Mykonos and Naxos. We were in Mykonos for a total of three nights and two full days. Naxos for two nights and one full day.  I don’t feel like we saw enough of Naxos to really compare, but for the short time we were on both islands – I would have to say Mykonos is a trendy, romantic, jet-setter party island…… Naxos is maybe a smaller scale of Mykonos? But doesn’t feel trendy/jet-stetter… it feels more quaint and laid back.

Athens is a busy, dirty city.  There were homeless people in such despair, it shocked us.  One street person looked dead.  We actually stood with other onlookers waiting to see if he or she was alive…..he or she (unable to tell gender based on how deteriorated she/he was) eventually moved, but seemed comatose…

Small children, dirty and tough looking, walked with cups in their hands begging for money.

The islands are what, I think, is the beauty of Greece…..

The islands are what will bring us back…..

S, xo

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  1. Thanks for that! Your response was similar to those I’ve heard from others.
    The poverty was sad wasn’t it. We saw even worse in Rome believe it or not.
    So sad

  2. Yes, the poverty in major cities is difficult to overlook when I’ve such a blessed life. Then we travel to somewhere like Sri Lanka where there is poverty, but a rich life is lived by locals because of their true happiness for what they have that makes my life seem shallow! Make sense? It’s a weird, weird world…. but I love it and I love to travel!!!! 🙂

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