Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Saturday, June 23rd

This is my 10th day in Athens.  My historical focus has been an interest in the 12 olympian gods of ancient Greece.  Yesterday, as I walked the Ancient Agora of Athens….I was brought back down from Mount Olympus and started thinking about what life would have been life for the ancient Athenians.

Honestly, I’ve been completely overwhelmed with so much history all around me, trying to wrap my head around it; to absorb a small understanding of ancient Greece. While at the Stoa of Attalos/Museum of the Ancient Agora –  Osrakcons caught my attention. The word Ostracized comes from this term.  Athenians voted to exile someone by writing the names of the person on a piece of pottery.  If there were enough votes – the person was exiled for 10 years.

Jury duty was a part of the life of an ancient Athenian.  Well, citizens who qualified (?). Did that make it a fair jury?  A jury was selected by using an allotment machine called a Kleroterion.

Then, as simple as this sounds….I found myself drawn to this foot – because it showed me what their shoes looked like.


Time to eat!  Michael and I found a seat at the same restaurant Joan and I ate at a few days before.

A kitten was entertaining the tables!

The food was good – not amazing – but good.  I was a bit disappointed with the moussaka.  I’ve had better in Doha! The grape leaves, they were good!  Much better than the ones we get in Doha!

As we walked home, this street market area had a souq feel to it with vendors selling spices, nut, olives, meats, etc…!


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