Anxiety – The Antithesis of Personal Connection

I’ve blogged about having anxiety and depression and my past reasons of an adult life managing both.  I’ve blogged about how my anxiety as shifted and changed over the years, meaning personal growth to overcome one area of anxiety to then bring forth another layer. How sometimes medication works, like it is now and other times it has not because of overmedication or misdiagnosis. How my anxiety increases my struggles with addiction resulting in higher anxiety creating a loop within each other.

Mindfulness, healthy diet, exercise, massage and Reiki practice helps ground me.  But, for me – the biggest cure all of anxiety at this time – where my anxiety most shows itself now – is feeling safe around people.  When I’m alone, no anxiety.  Put people near me – anxiety.  People scare me.  I manage it.  I reach out.  I connect….but fear always lingers beneath…….

This debilitating anxiety makes personal connections with others difficult!!  Anxiety anyway takes the form of self-absorption and self-centeredness because it is so distracting! Some days while I’m out in the world, it takes everything I have to get past my anxious thoughts triggered by my fear of people to either manage what it is I’m doing or take in what is happening around me, let alone have a conversation and connect with others!

In this year of approaching 50 years of age, my husband Michael my port of safety, I find myself tired of anxiety.  Tired of managing it.  Tired of letting it get the best of me.  Especially this people anxiety!!!!!

Today is a new day!  😀

S, xo

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