Hydra, Greece – Donkeys, Mules & Horses – The Island’s Transportation and Co-Workers

Hydra does not have any cars and cars are not allowed on the island.  Transportation of imported/exported goods and people around the island as well as getting up and down the MANY stone steps of the hillside port town – is the job of the donkeys, mules and horses who carry the heavy loads.

As an animal lover, I struggled to enjoy the traditional sights of these equine workers toil in the hot sun – or standing in the hot sun until being rented out by tourists to carry them up the stone steps or along the rocky pathways of the mountainous landscape.

I chose to walk for my own exercise and give some love when I could!  I will say the owners looked to be affectionate to their four-legged co-workers. I didn’t observe any water available to them. Not an expert (yet!) on horses, maybe drinking water while working in the hot sun isn’t good for them?  But I drank well over five liters of water as I walked the island……

S, xo






An old mule (owner told me) scratching his head on the tree while getting a break in the shade!

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  1. Tish Millette says:

    😥 Those animals look exhausted. 😪
    Walks wrong with bicycles 🚲

    1. Good news is that the animals looked well taken care of!!

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