Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Sunday, June 17th

This day was a lazy morning of blogging then a thunderstorm/rainy  afternoon at the National Archaeological Museum.

Here are the memorable moments during the day!

Breakfast was bought at the corner cafe – a homemade cheese and ham pie!  DELICIOUS!!!!


Zeus was at it again all day today making lightening and thunder with pouring rain!!


Watching the rain fall in a museum courtyard:

Museum toilet – a no toilet seat toilet!


Having had enough of the museum for the day, it was time for something yummy!  The cafe had an open court!  I joined a woman visiting from Kansas City ( I forget her name!) to see her daughter, who is a musician performing in Greece!  This lovely, passionate woman who, many years ago lived in Greece, is an artist, sculptor/painter, into energy work, and has been traveling for the last few years, trying to heal the heartbreaking loss of her longtime husband…..

Walking back to the apartment in the rain!!!



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