Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Saturday, June 16th

This morning on my way to the market I grabbed yet another yummy cappuccino from the cafe on the corner!

An old house on Kallidromiou street that was the victim of a fire.

A small, local shoemaker shop where I bought a pair of his leather sandals for 15EUR!

Yesterday I walked by this church. Today, I went inside!!  The cleaner showed me around a bit and held back the candle so I could get a good picture of Jesus.  I asked him what kind of church.  He said orthodox.  Tomorrow there is mass at 7:50am!

Statue of Athena as I walked by Areos Park!


When I was a teenager, I worked in a pet store that had a large tropical/salt water aquarium selection!  I couldn’t help myself looking in this aquarium shop today!!  🙂

Leaving the park with Hadrian’s Temple and Temple of Olympian Zeus, I bought sesame roasted peanuts!!!  SO good!!!

At a souvenir shop along a trendy street in what I call the Acropolis Hub, I found these dishes for sale!!  Made me think of the scene in the movie The Birdcage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as Armand and Albert Goldman when they tried to hide the Greek bowls – like the Greek plates below – only with men having sex – from the ultra conservative Sen. Kevin Keeley and his wife, Louise played by Gene Hackman and Dianne Wiest!  Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a sad moment.  A young boy – say about 10 years old dragging what looks to be his little sister – no older that 5 – along with him as he plays the accordion and his little sister holds out the cup for money. Tough life…..but hey, he’s wearing converse sneakers and she’s wearing Disney…..

They saw me take the picture and immediately came at me for money.  I declined.  I wasn’t enabling that!


How about a hot dog wrapped in a fluffy pastry filled with mustard tasting creamy cheese!!!!  OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or an oreo like cookie with a rich, creamy centre!!!


This is for Michael…..A Machine Museum!!!!  I walked right on by…….


Cool posters along a wall….


And finally… mussels I bought this morning at the market!!!  Maybe they’re from the Aegean Sea?  I’ll tell myself that!!!  😉 They were fresh and yummy except for the weird fuzzy stuff hanging off them (maybe because they’re fresh, not farmed?? I don’t know??!!) …that eventually started to bother me as the texture of a food is as important to me as taste. I ate what I could….the rest went to street cats…..

S, xo


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  1. Theresa Jennings says:

    Love all of your amazing travel adventures! A beautiful life, no doubt! Happy for you <3

    1. Thank you lovely Theresa!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. mama says:

    Another full day with a mix of many stops and stories to record. The shoemaker has a nice smile, a nice shop and great purchase. 👣 😍

    1. The shoemaker doesn’t speak english or have any teeth!!! LoL!!!

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