Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Friday, June 15th

My favorite bakery, I think translated is called Artisan. Today I was told the name of the pastry I enjoyed yesterday, and bought more of: Galaktoboureko!!!

A church of unknown denomination because the signs were Greek to me!!  😉

My walk into Areos Park that lasted all of 2 minutes.  My danger instincts immediately kicked in, as a lone female entering this park because I quickly noticed the groups of young male teens off under trees and what looked to be a police scuffle with addicts. Not a family in sight in this park!!! I turned around and quickly beelined it out of there!

The busy intersection outside the park:


View of Athens and the Parthenon from the roof of the apartment building I’m staying in!

Time for bed to rest up for tomorrow’s adventures!!!

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    Stephanie your tasty desert of Semolina Custard in Filo makes me want to go in search of some in NS. If you get the chance take a look inside the Greek Church. They are unique indeed. Glad you sensed the danger in the park and beelined it out of there. What a day you have had. xoxoxoxoxo

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