A Sad Goodbye – Upper & Lower Elementary Sing A Surprise ‘For Good’ To Departing UE Principal Geoff Heney.

The video says it all….But here is the back story…..

At the American School of Doha, Upper and Lower Elementary campuses end their combined beginning of year and end of year assembly with Gary Barlow’s song, ‘Sing‘.

This was the final assembly for UE Principal, Geoff Heney.  He and his family are moving to Hong Kong. The Upper and Lower Elementary Music Teachers organized a surprise farewell song for Geoff.  The song is ‘For Good’, from the broadway musical, ‘Wicked’.

There were a few solos planned in the song.  With very little rehearsal time, this song was put together, practiced with both students, staff and faculty and with a whim and a prayer came together as the final act of the assembly to surprise Geoff.

I sing a solo.  The opening line to start the song.  I am not a singer.  My line is, “I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason bringing something we must learn.”  I volunteered to sing this song because I wanted to sing that to Geoff. I’m terrified.  I’m emotional.  And I can’t express enough how much I’ve changed for good because of Geoff Heney.

The other soloists are Lower Elementary Principal, Lana and Associate Principal, Mindy.  Then the five student soloists are from the Fifth Grade Musical, ‘Madagascar’, that Geoff directed.

As the song starts, Lana stops Geoff from going on stage to end the assembly.   He’s a bit confused.  Then he recognizes the song….

Lana brings him onstage, Mindy and Lana singing.  Kate, his wife (Elementary School Teacher) is brought on stage.

Geoff is totally caught off guard.  Geoff gets totally emotional and cries….

At the very end when Geoff starts to cry again, it’s because before the final line, all students stand and put their hands to their heart. Not a dry eye in the gymnasium.

To Geoff….

You will be missed…….

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    With many tears running down my face I can truly feel the love and admiration you all expressed to Geoff at the final assembly. What a send off! It is one i am sure Geoff and all involved will never forget.
    He has left a void in the hearts of many, also a hard position to fill.
    This video should come with a warning…( smile ) have Kleenex handy
    before viewing. Stephanie, please wish Geoff and his family all the best from Nova Scotia xoxoxoxoxoxo

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