Dukhan Beach

Today Michael and I drove across the country – from East to West – to hang out at Dukhan Beach.

Dukhan Highway

Driving on the #3 Highway – Dukhan Highway – there are a few sand dunes along the way.


Arriving at Dukhan Beach


The Beach….

Relaxing afternoon….

Stop in Dukhan for some Indian food

A perfect day……

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    You are both so fortunate to be able to enjoy a beautiful day. Now I cold really go for this with some scuba gear. I would love it and it would be very hard to get DV out of the water!! xoxoxo
    If we were only younger etc … What a spot!!!

    1. Yes, you and DV would love it!!!! xoxo

  2. Tish Smith says:

    Only woman in the restaurant? Why was that?
    The beach looks lovely. What temperature is it over there?

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    1. Simply put – It’s a cheap Indian diner – most women wouldn’t dare enter……!! 😉

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