Back In Canada. Bring The Bacon!

My husband and I are back in Canada for two weeks. In the province of Ontario.  Essex, Ontario.  The reason why we’re here is to be with family.

Our journey here was, as usual, a long one.  Yet, with the number of times I’ve flown from the continent of Asia to the continent of North America increasing, I’ve come to settle into the routine of it…the routine giving me clarity as my anxiety lessons with more experience as an international traveler.

During our flights and layovers here, I thought about how my feet can be on soil on one part of the world… then I occupy space in a high speed pressurized flying tube for ten hours or so – before my feet then touch the soil on another part of the world.

How I am still me, experiencing all that is around me, yet I’ve just traveled thousands of miles around the world.  Nothing has really changed because life is happening all around me.  People living their lives.  But everything changes too. How people live their lives, their priorities, all mixed in with a different climate.  Their choice of clothing, their body shapes.  Their hair even.

I have experienced the European way, feel of living.  The North American way, feel of living and the Asian way, feel of living.  Each way and feel of living very unique to the area within the continent we’re visiting.

Here in Canada, I welcomed the familiar way and feel of being back home.  Food, well eating crispy pork bacon, my usual first priority when my feet hit Canadian soil.

But this time, I had the pleasant surprise of eating the very familiar chicken and baby back ribs combo plate at Swiss Chalet.  My grandmother loved this popular Canadian restaurant and eating this food reminded me of her and therefore was a welcomed comfort food!!


My next meal gave me my bacon hit!  But not my usual cholesterol causing intake that I like to enjoy.  I usually order crispy bacon benny with a side of crispy bacon, but I was so hungry that when I read back bacon benny all my eyes focused on was the word bacon!  The back bacon still good, but not that same hit as crispy bacon!!

Today I’m excited for another day of eating!!!

S, xo  😀

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  1. Those meals look delicious!! 🙂

  2. Claudia MacLeod says:

    Groovy girl, enjoy your bacon. Doing great dealing with your anxieties. Make the most of your visit at home. Hugs, Claudia

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