Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre – My Fall Off Of Farfoor

My ride to the farm early this morning required a stop to fill the car’s tank with petrol (that’s what you call it here).  Here are pictures of one of the world’s most expensive cars, a McLaren, parked next to the petrol station…

Today at the stables I started out with a ride around the farm.  It was just me, the instructor I was to ride with had to give a lesson – so a worker walked along with me to show me my way around.  He didn’t understand a word of English, but we managed to communicate enough to enjoy the ride and have him take a few pictures for me!

Along the way were the usual peacocks and this time goats!  🙂  Farfoor was a bit tricky to ride….he spooked easily, was stubborn at times and didn’t seem to like the goats, as he wanted to get past them as quickly as possible.

I returned to join the regular 10:00am group riding lesson.  I continued riding Farfoor for my lesson.  It was here that the instructor, Connor, told me Farfoor needs a firm rider as he likes to be boss, to keep him away from certain horses being ridden in the group, and he doesn’t like to work – he likes to keep going to the center (the centre is where everyone takes a break).  I was working him into a trot – having a difficult time keeping him in it – to the point where I was working up a sweat with using my legs so much!

It was then my turn to canter….and I was leaning too far forward in the saddle as I laid my leg on to indicate canter. He started to canter –  I lost my balance and with the motion of his cantor…..I went sailing forward off of him….thankfully my feet came out of the stirrups…..and I landed hard on my right back side with my head giving a thump on the ground too – helmet thank you!!!!

I felt pain.  I laid there as the instructor told me not to move.  He did a check to make sure I wasn’t badly hurt.  I wasn’t.  I slowly made my way back to standing.  I insisted on getting back on Farfoor.  I then mounted Farfoor without a step!  It took everything I had to pull myself up, along with encouragement from Connor – and I did it!!  I walked Farfoor along…..getting my bearings….then brought him to trot!!!  I ended the lesson on a positive note!!!

I rode him back to his stall…removed his saddle and bridle, then spent some time with him feeding him apples and carrots!  He’s a bit aloof…..but hopefully over time we will get to bond!!!

S, 🇶🇦

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