Riding Lesson #1

Today I arrived, early of course, to settle in and have another look around!

Tara gave me a pair of chaps, that were given to her at the centre!  So, with my new-to-me chaps, work-out tights and sneakers and borrowed riding helmet I was ready to go!


I was given a big black horse named whose name I can’t remember right now.  Lessons started with walking around the ring, getting the feel of my horse and how we connect.  The instructor Ben was funny, easy to laugh with, and focused on function then form or form then function.  If something happens either keep moving or speed up and keep the horses head looking toward the inside of the ring, not looking at the fence.  We worked on a rising trot and moving from a small circle to a bigger circle then changed directions. Then we practiced cantering!  I was too nervous, went to trot and my horse decided he wanted to canter…and we were off.  As Ben said today – the first canter is free (for the horse), the next ones are not in that the horse needs to remember who is in charge and that he is working!

Here are two videos of my first time cantering (Egypt not included) in over 15 years!  My horse enjoyed to move so I had to slow him down a bit, making me nervous at times. I am making so many mistakes, but what I am impressed with the most is that I stayed on!



After class was a photo op!  The two women, I think, have been taking lessons for a while together.  I will join them again next week for class.

After class I rode my horse back to his stall, a helper removed his saddle then he asked me if I wanted to hose him down!  Yes!


I brought him back, removed his bridle and said goodbye for now!

Next week I will have a 50 minute hack before my lesson.  A hack is field riding out in the farm then I return and have my lesson.  Before the hack I will prepare the horse and put on the saddle and bridle then after my lesson I will clean the saddle and bridle and clean the horse!  I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S, xo


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tish Smith says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Love your horse. ♥️ Looks like fun.

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  2. FlutePlayer says:

    You know what it takes to learn that?


    1. Thank you for asking. I know it will be a lot of work, money and time with true commitment to own a horse. ❤


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