Prague – Czech Republic – Video Moments

The internet was really slow in Prague.  Here are videos I wanted to add to blogs of the day – that just took too long to upload – but now I have them!!  These are musical moments, crowded moments, the Astronomical Clock, a ham roasting and church bells!!

One of my favorite musicians in the Old Town Square Christmas Market:

Walking onto Charles Bridge – notice how crowded it was:


Musicians along Charles Bridge:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think these musicians are Hang Massive.  The guy in the hoodie playing the hang drums looks a lot like one of the musicians in Hang Massive.

This visually impaired musician’s voice, at times was hauntingly beautiful:

This musician was his own band!!!


Old Town Square – Astronomical Clock:

Wenceslas Square Christmas Market – Ham Roasting on an Open Fire!

12:00pm Church Bells – Saint Ludmila Church, Peace Square


S <3 M, xo

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