Prague, Czech Republic – Cheese Wrapped In Bacon – The Taste Is Real…….

Cheese wrapped in bacon… Yes!!!

I’ve had fresh scallops wrapped in bacon, I’m an East Coast Canadian Gal…..fresh seafood in its best way, is what I know and love!!

Then I tried cheese wrapped in bacon in Prague…..

And for a rare moment in my life (my husband would agree!) I became speechless because my mouth was busy eating!!! The flavor is unreal!!!!  Crispy bacon – but not too much – with the soft texture of cheese…then the tang of the cheese infuses with the crispy of the bacon to pure edible bliss!!!!

Here are a few other examples of take away food we tried:

But my gastronomical desire is still with the cheese wrapped in bacon…..

S, 👩🏼‍🍳

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  1. Patricia Arnoldin says:

    #drool 👅👅👅

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