Prague, Czech Republic – Charles Bridge – The Bridge That Auspiciously Started In 1357……

First thing – the crowds were overwhelming.  There were so many people that we actually felt pulled along with the ebb and flow of it.  At times we had to either push our way through or look for an opening to move ten steps ahead of the slow crawl of the crowd.

The history of Charles Bridge dates back to 1357, crosses the Vltava river and is one of the most visited sites in all of Prague.

Walking along the Vltava river to the entrance of the bridge:

The entrance:

Here is our walk along the bridge:

There were street vendors and musicians all along the bridge. The internet is so slow here – videos can’t upload.  When I’m back in Qatar, I will upload the videos of the unique street musicians on the bridge!

Reaching the other side:

The walk back…….

Statue of John of Nepomuk:

While we couldn’t wait to get out of the crowd… it is……..

S ❤ M, xo

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