Prague, Czech Republic – Vinohrady – Christmas Eve Mass In Saint Ludmila Church

Church of Saint Ludmila

Our Christmas Eve evening was an evening of chance – to see what we would find and where we would find ourselves for our Christmas Eve dinner.

First stop was the Church of Saint Ludmila…where we joined in on the Roman Catholic mass already in progress.

The church was packed, with people coming and going during the mass.  

Eventually we were able to get a seat. 

The mass was spoken in Czech.  

When we arrived, it was difficult to know what part of the mass was happening as the complex language didn’t offer any hints.

Then, with the start of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, it became obvious to us.

After the beautiful mass, with the help of a local woman who was able to translate our request, we asked one of the priests to bless our marriage.

We showed him our wedding bands….he then blessed us.

This seems to be a tradition for us, as last year in Kandersteg, Switzerland after the Christmas Eve mass, we asked the priest to bless our marriage and he did.

We’re not religious, this blessing tradition is more a small act of respect for my mother and grandmother.

Merry Christmas Eve!

S, 🇨🇿

During the Mass


Moments and Details of the Church

End of Mass

After the mass, one of the alter boys putting out the candles on the alter.


We left feeling very grateful and filled with the spirit of Christmas!!

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