Driving the Autobahn Across Germany To Czech Republic

The Autobahn Flow

Driving across Germany was an experience, meaning driving the Autobahn was intense – I had to be paying close attention at all times to make sure I was properly participating in the flow of traffic.

Our trip across Germany took us to Miltach, Cham, Regensburg, Cologne, and Kassel. We also took trips to Schwangu, Germany and the Netherlands.

There were breaks from driving on the main highway because of construction, so there were times of driving through lovely rural towns.



Landscape Change

Eventually the landscape started to change as we neared Czech Republic.

Vinohrady District, Prague 2

We arrived in Prague on Christmas Eve to settle into our rented Airbnb apartment in the Vinohrady district, Prague 2.

Let the adventure begin!

S, 🇨🇿


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