Amsterdam, Netherlands – Red Light District!

Today we set out to the famous Red Light District!

We took the train into town that brought us to Amsterdam Central.

First stop – breakfast!!!!

Then finding our way to the Red Light District!

I’ll categorize our adventure by themes:

Food: This food is not unique to just the Red Light District – it’s what we saw as we walked!  I didn’t try everything, but it was sure hard not to!!!!


Drugs: Cafes and Paraphernalia shops are not unique to just the Red Light District – they’re on every street and corner in Amsterdam Central.

Cafes range in size and atmosphere but basically you go in, order a coffee (or alcohol – but this is the exception, not the rule) and a joint – either hash or weed – then you sit back and relax…..or take your coffee and joint and walk along the street!  Some cafes have big doormen that greet you.  Others have security booths like the airport you have to walk through, others have no security at all – but will have a list of rules/behavior expectations posted in clear site.

Paraphernalia shops sold seeds, souvenirs, equipment and supplies and all types of ‘herbal’ infused edible products……..


Animals along the canels including police horses and a super friendly cat in one of the souvenir shops!


Live Sex Shows:  We did go to one – and we were there with other regular couples/tourists like us, curious to watch a show.  You sit in a small theatre (sits maybe 20 people) before an elevated stage for all to see. You buy drinks ahead of time and a server brings them to you. The show was 3, 7-8 minute sets.  Two sets were each of a very attractive women who slowly removed her clothing to sexy music while playing with a sex toy.  The third set was a very attractive couple having sex to sexy music.  It was clean, professional and interesting to watch.  The people in the show were interested in what they were doing – and good at it!  😉


Sex Shops:  Here is where you went to buy a variety of sex toys to meet all your fetish needs!!


Prostitution: Every story I’ve ever heard about this area – is true! The girls sit in windowed booths, wearing provocative lingerie, that line the main street. If you are interested you knock on the door to then be allowed entrance and negotiate.  We tried for fun – and because we presented as a couple we were informed that most women are for men only and were directed to a woman who will be with couples. The fee for a couple was 100 Euros for 20 minutes!  The woman we spoke to was very friendly, professional and playful!  Most of the women come out after 9:00pm.  Michael and I arrived in the afternoon to see mostly empty rooms along the main road – and stayed into the early evening – just in time to watch the rooms start to come to life with women…..

The area really isn’t that big – there is one main street with a few smaller side streets.  Early in the day as we asked for directions, we were told by one shop owner there are other districts – blue light – for transgender, yellow light for Asian girls, and pink light for older women.  We did not find any evidence of this.

After an adventure filled afternoon, we were tired and ready to head back to the central train station to take us back to our hotel!!

S&M, 😉  xoxo

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