Schwangu, Germany – Neuschwanstein Castle

Today was one of those days that when it happened….I realized where I was…….

This was a destination Michael has wanted to visit since he was 12 years old.

This was a castle I only ever dreamed of visiting and didn’t realize it was it until we arrived.

But let me start at the beginning:

We left Regensburg early to drive south to see the castle! First stop was breakfast. We stopped in Gewerbegebeist West, Oberthann, at what appeared to be a truck stop diner with many restaurants to choose from.  Barely anyone spoke English.  My breakfast choice was a random pick off the German breakfast menu.  I ended up with a delicious fried mix of egg, potato, ham and onions.


Michael had Subway…


Now was the tricky part of getting there.  Without a GPS, it was Michael’s sharp navigational skills that got us there!

 Lansberg am Lech

Finally off highways, we drove through the lovely town of Landsberg am Lech.

Nearing the Austrian border, there was lots of snow…..and hidden but there….the Alps!!

Neuschwanstein Castle

And then there it was – Neuschwanstein Castle……


And into a tourist trap we drove…….the village at the base of the castle was filled with shops, hotels, and restaurants.  We parked and walked up a small hill to find the ticket outlet.

Our tickets purchased, we then walked the 40 minute hike up the mountain to the castle. There was the option to ride up in a horse drawn carriage but the line-ups were too long. So we happily set out on foot……

The walk felt like we were in a winter magic land…

Just before the entrance to the castle there were more restaurants & souvenir shops.  We had one hour before our tour time, so we stopped in for a beverage and some food!

It was soon time for our tour. Here is what we saw here as we made our way into the interior courtyard. The bust is of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The king who built the castle.

In the courtyard we waited, then entered into the castle.  Strict rules of no photography once entering into the rooms, and don’t touch anything were posted everywhere.

Here are free usage images from the internet of a few of the rooms we saw:

The Throne Room

The King’s Bedroom


The Study Room


The Hall of Singers


And the two pictures we snuck in the Hall of Singers

The Kitchen (photography allowed!)

Heating Systems:

Doors and Windows


Model of the Castle:

Leaving the Castle – Walk back Down to the Car

After a two hour drive back to Regensburg, it was time to eat!  We walked to a nearby family owned Italian restaurant, Antica Mola.  There we exhaled, ate, drank and totally enjoyed this perfect ending to a perfect day!!

S, 🇩🇪

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