Miltach, Germany – Breakfast At The Train Station

Wrapped in thick duvets, we woke after a delightful sleep, to snow!!  Our day was off to a perfect start!



We were starving and it was time for breakfast!  We hopped into the car and drove into town.

Miltach, being a very small town, had one new and popular cafe located at the train station.  On our way there, we noticed that a majority of the vehicles were high end such as Mercedes, Audis and Maseratis.  The little town itself in pristine condition.  The cafe, Cafe Waffel, meticulous in detail with what seemed to be no expense spared.

It was Saturday morning, and the cafe offered a buffet breakfast.  Most tables were either occupied or reserved.  We lucked into a table by the window as another couple was leaving as we arrived! We were famished and dove in! The highlight of the breakfast were the Barvarian sausages dipped in mustard, bacon, pretzels and champagne!

With full bellies….we decided to take a drive to Cham to see what we could see!

S, xo

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  1. Tish Millette says:

    Oh my. What I would do for a breakfast like that!!!

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