Visit to the Al-Fardan Family Farm

The Al-Fardan or spelled Alfardan family is known for luxury cars and precious jewelry.  These are pictures of a visit to their farm to see the animals!

The farm is located in the Al Khor municipality of Qatar, in the middle of the desert.  Once off the main highway, then driving down a long, narrow road, we entered through a non-discript gate (surprising me as the family is so wealthy) and entered into a lush tropical paradise.

The guest house and parking lot was our landing area.  With the direction from one of the farmers, we were off to explore the many animals of the farm.  There were camels, oryxes, gazelles, deer, zebras, horses, rabbits, and goats. I was hoping to see a big cat like a tiger or cheetah, but there weren’t any. Maybe big cats were kept at the main house…which we could barely see as it was so far off in the distance and hidden with trees.

Guest House

Walking the Farm

Rhim Gazelle

Emu & Ostrich

Pygmy Goat

Grant’s Zebra

Hatchery – Emu & Osterich Eggs

Ostrich Eggs


Hatching Emu Egg

A hatching Emu egg that reminds me of the hatching velociraptor egg from Jurassic Park!IMG_0774



Gemsbok Oryx


Roan Antelope

Black Buck Deer

When our tour of the farm was over, we were next taken for a tour to see their private, luxury car collection!!  Click here to read my blog about that tour!

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  1. Patricia Arnoldin says:

    Cool dinosaur egg!! 😉 🦕

  2. Hari says:

    Beautiful place 👌

    1. It is amazing to see a farm in the desert! Thank you for reading my blog!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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