2017 International Week at American School of Doha – Sharing Smiles

This is International Week at the American School of Doha.  Today was the highly anticipated parade of flags where, at an assembly of the entire school in the main gym, every country represented at the school is walked in a parade.  There were over 80 flags!  Smiles energized with school spirit and national pride were everywhere!! But there was so much more happening!!!  Falcons, teas, dates, sweets, henna, shawarma, and so on…

I just had such a great day, I wanted to share some of the special smiles and moments!

Shawarma!!!  Beef or chicken!!  Yup, given away free!! I had beef!!  It was DELICIOUS!!!


This is a traditional treat – a bread fried like a crepe with a sweet cheese filling…..

International Smiles …..A Canadian Smile, A Serbian Smile, An American Smile, A Denmark Smile!!


More Smiles:

And the cufflinks!!!


And the little girl from America who dressed this way to look American!!  Yup, a crinoline skirt and bobby socks with poodles on them!!!


Oh Canada!!!

Today was a great day!!!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Sharon McLennon says:

    Great photos and messages, Stephanie. It was a wonderful Qatar National Day!

  2. Hi Sharon! Thank you for your nice words!!! Actually, today wasn’t Qatar National Day – that is on the 18th of December. Today everyone was feeling their own national pride from whatever country they are from as we were celebrating International Week!! 🙂

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