2017 International Week at American School of Doha – Saddam the Falcon

This is International Week at work.  There are two traditional Arab tents set up on campus, with a falcon at each one.  I was lucky to have spent some time with one falcon named Saddam. This falcon was purchased in Iraq, and is about a year old.   I didn’t ask how much Saddam cost but what was talked about around me as other people asked was inferred that Saddam is a very expensive bird of prey.

I was allowed to pat his chest.  Not his wings.  After a bit, the owner took the hood off.  Saddam was hungry, very alert and on the lookout for pigeons. A handler was very swift in his action of returning the hood on the falcon’s head when Saddam became a bit too interested in looking for live food…..

There was another falcon named Baghdad, perched at the other tent.  Baghdad was for people to look at only as a sign was posted not to touch him!


Falconry is a part of Qatari culture and it was such a treat to see the falcons today for part of International Week!

S, 🇶🇦

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