Kuwait Towers

My last day in Kuwait, I spent my morning walking to the Kuwait Towers. The towers are a popular tourist attraction. During the Iraqi occupation, 75% of the towers were damaged.

My walk took about an hour along Arabian Gulf Street to reach the towers.  The cost was free to go to the restaurant or cafe and 3KD to see the Viewing Sphere. I spent my time in the Viewing Sphere.


The Viewing Sphere is up 120m.  The numbers next to the elevator floor buttons indicated hight in meters, not floors.

Here is a video of my first walk all the way around the Viewing Sphere:

Pictures of the other towers from the view and a close up of the dots:

Video of the other towers:

I had a bit of photo fun with my cappuccino…


And a bit of fun filming: 50 Shades of Shade Across My Cappuccino:


Some of the visitors!

The very sparse gift shop – that did not have a fridge magnet of the Towers and/or Kuwait!  Note to fellow collectors of fridge magnets representing countries traveled….the only place I was able to find a Kuwait fridge magnet was at the departure area before checking my luggage!


It was time to start walking back to the hotel……..

S.  xo

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