Friday Morning Leisure at the Four Points Sheraton Kuwait

Friday is the holy day of the week in Muslim countries.  Typically, everything is closed, to open in the late afternoon.

Therefore I allowed myself to move at a pace without purpose. I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast….then went to the pool and had a massage before heading out for the day!

The pool is on the 43rd floor overlooking Kuwait Bay and the city.  The only people there besides myself were a Filipino couple celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary.  <3

Video of approaching the end of the pool:


The spa is on the 42nd floor, also with a view of Kuwait Bay.  It was time for a body wrap and massage….


I was now ready for the afternoon ahead…..

S.  xo

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  1. Zac says:

    Wow that swimming pool is amazing, what a view! We could do with a nice relaxing day ourselves – important when travelling 😂

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