Souq Al – Mubarakiya – Kuwait City

My walk to the souq was not far – basically just across the street from the Grand Mosque. But crossing the street was not basic.  A bit scary actually because what if my understanding of the red signal means red stop light is not that…..

License plates in Kuwait.


I found the entrance to the souq at the Mohamad Bin Bahar Mosque just before the traditional restaurant area.

As I entered I notice this sign. The souq really is ginormous sprawling out over many streets and areas!


Post Office


I somehow end up at the jewelry and gold kiosk area first.  A lot of the gold jewelry is the same.  And very expensive.  A small 21 caret gold ring – very thin – very small – 36 Kd – equalling almost $152.00 Cd.  Gem stones everywhere.  But I was wary to purchase.  Just looking.



I walked up to a third floor where jewelry was being made.


Back out on the streets and start walking again….

Through the tea pot section:


The fish market:

Dates market:


Fruits and vegetables market:


Fresh seeds and nuts market:


Past hidden traditional restaurants:

Toy sellers:


Meat sellers:


Then it was time to sit, relax and have some lunch!  I found my way back to the traditional restaurant area.  Here I was approached by a staff member from each restaurant as I walked by trying to entice me to eat there.  It was a bit much for me because when I tried to ask what is on the menu they just wanted me to sit and eat!  I did just that – sit.  Then looked at the menu, got up and left because I didn’t see very much I recognized.  Finally, after three times of sitting, looking at a menu and then leaving – I picked a place realizing the food at each spot is basically the same.

Walking into the traditional restaurant area:


Here is the restaurant I pick and my view:

I try and take a secret selfie to include the girl at the table next to me wearing an niqab. She catches me!!  Busted and I know it!!!!!!!!!



My food arrives!  Chicken BBQ, hummus, warm bread and salad.  Yup, that is a quarter of an onion as part of the salad!  the food was ok.  2Kd – about 24Qr – $9.00 Cd.


I didn’t buy anything.  I didn’t find anything I really wanted.  And it was time to go!  I was getting tired and I now wanted to walk back to my hotel!  I thought I could find my way…..

And got lost!!!

I walked past Safat Square:


And as I walked I heard a call from this building:


It was a group of young men (working at the entrance of a major bank) asking me where I was walking to?  Did I need directions?


They didn’t know how to direct me to my hotel.  They just told me to walk straight then left!!


I ended up here!

I flagged a cab – finally!!  And made it back to my hotel!!  First stop – coffee!!


Tomorrow is another day of adventure!!!

S.  xo

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    Such wonderful adventures. Thank you for sharing. ♥️

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