Gardening in the Desert!

Today was all about gardening!

First stop was the local gardening store.  You know, the one on Gharafa next to the small palace!  😉

Here we bought three bags of soil, cucumber seeds and tomato seedlings for our garden plot in the community garden at Michael’s work.  We also bought a cool twisty tree for our yard!

Next stop – the community garden!

Michael built wooden boxes for our plot.  The ground is clay so soil is needed for planting.  We added the three bags to one of the boxes. We put six tomato seedlings in that box, the remaining three in another. The other two boxes have soil but we have to sift out the rocks.  We’re waiting to see the difference between the tomatoes planted in the box with lots of soil verses the tomatoes planted in the box with much less.

There are a few species of bugs that are troublesome here.  I can’t remember what they’re called.  They like broccoli and cauliflower.  We’re not planting those veggies!  Scorpions like to hide under rocks.  We saw one last week that was fairly large and white.

Now home to transplant my new twisty tree and care for our plants!  I’m no expert in plants.  I have no idea what kind of plants we have.  I do enjoy caring for them and watching them grow!  🙂

S. 🇶🇦


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  1. Tish Smith says:

    Beautiful. Love the garden pics. ♥️

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