Friday Night at the Souq!

Souq Waqif

After our Dhow cruise, Michael and I walked to the souq for shisha and coffee.

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First off was crossing the street from the Corniche to the souq.  The wait for traffic lights to change from green to red is so long and people so many that small crowds accumulate making it difficult to cross within the 10 second countdown before the light turns back to green!


I think the souq is my favourite place in Doha!  I just love the vibe, the energy of the place! Walking through the souq we see women selling their goods.

Men taking a break from performing traditional dance.

Michael and I settle in for shisha & coffee.

View from our seats:

Qatari Traditional Guard

And then my favorite – the Qatari Traditional Guard of the souq make their regular appearance as they patrol and stop across from the cafe!

We finish with fresh juices and a traditional Arabic sweet…..then it was time for home!!!


S, 🇶🇦

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