Friday Afternoon Dhow Cruise!

Through Michael’s work a Dhow Cruise was planned for an afternoon of swimming off of Al-Safliya Island.

The weather was perfect!  We drove to the Corniche, found a parking spot and were off to find our boat for an afternoon of fun!

On The Corniche looking out at the marina, our destination to find our boat!

At the entrance of the marina is the terminal to the Banana Island Resort. Catamarans take passengers to this luxury getaway on its own island!

Walking through the marina we admired the craftsmanship of a few Dhow boats.

Here is a view from the top deck of the Dhow looking back over the Marina and the sea of docked Dhow boats.


And we’re off……..

After a lovely boat ride we arrived at the island!  The boat found its place and dropped anchor (the hook!).  There were many boats at the island.  Some for leisure and others for absolute partying!

Swimming!  This was a first for me!  Not swimming!  LoL!  Actually jumping into the sea, into deep open ocean to swim!  I grew up with the irrational fear of sharks because of the movie Jaws.  At times I was the only one off our boat swimming!



After a yummy buffet dinner and conversation with fellow boaters, it was time to watch the sun set over the city…..

As day turned to night we started back to the marina…..enjoying the city lights of West Bay!

Back on land, here is the Banana Island Terminal in its evening attire!


We had a wonderful day on the water!  Next stop – the souq!!!

S.  xo

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