22˚C and This Canadian Gal Turns on the Heat!

This morning at 6:05am, I sat in the car to leave for work; and as I do every morning I prepare with the same routine:

  1. Turn on car
  2. Turn on air conditioning
  3. Put on lip gloss
  4. Put on sunglasses
  5. Turn on radio
  6. Drive to work

But when I started Step 2…..I paused…..realized I was chilled….and turned the temperature dial from cold to warm.

Then it hit me that it was 22˚C outside and I was cold.

This Canadian girl used to walk regularly to work in temperatures of -10˚C with an added wind chill factor!

Now, if the temperatures hit below 25˚C I’m cold.

There is a winter season in the Middle East and it is just around the corner!!  I better pull out a sweater and my winter boots, aka – my converse sneakers!!  😉

S.  🇶🇦

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  1. FlutePlayer says:

    Acclimatised Stephanie:
    Top your routine list with
    “Keep rationale in mind”.

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